Benefits of Tapping (EFT)

Achieve Rapid Results
“EFT seems to rapidly accelerate not only the time at which your goal is realized, but the likelihood for your success. From my experience it is one of the most profoundly effective ways to maximize the success of your affirmations.” Leading health expert, Dr. Mercola

Conquer Cravings
EFT Associates of Cape Cod has a proven track record of helping clients safely lose weight.  Learn how to use EFT to conquer food cravings, eliminate poor eating habits, negative self-talk, and achieve your ideal weight.  This amazing technique requires no willpower!

Empower Yourself
At Cape EFT Associates, a core beliefs is that healing should be in the hands of the individual.  EFT is a functional tool that you can learn to use on your own.

Collapse Negative Belief Systems                                        
Tapping is like talk therapy or mindfulness on steroids.  Because it addresses the mind body connection, it releases negative beliefs rapidly.

Reduce Pain, Stress and Anxiety  
Since its inception, tapping has afforded rapid relief for pain, stress and anxiety. 

Benefit from EFT Coaching
Concentrated private or group sessions will propel your healing forward. EFT is also a functional tool that you can learn to use on your own to continue your healing journey.

Go Beyond Traditional Talk Therapy
Tapping is different from traditional talk therapy as the process creates energetic shifts, often resulting in the swift release of negative emotions. This facilitates rapid results.


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